List of JSE Shares 2020-10-28

ShareNameLong NameSectorSuspended / CautionedActiveClosing Price
ProShares S&P 500 DividenProShares S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats ETFETFNoYes70.500000
Robo Global Robotics and Robo Global Robotics and Automation Index ETFETFNoYes48.150000
iShares Core S&P Small-CaiShares Core S&P Small-Cap ETFETFNoYes71.840000
Vanguard Real Estate IndeVanguard Real Estate Index Fund ETF SharesETFNoYes76.080000
Vanguard Energy Index FunVanguard Energy Index Fund ETF SharesETFNoYes37.580000
iShares MSCI Eurozone ETFiShares MSCI Eurozone ETFETFNoYes35.910000
iShares Edge MSCI USA QuaiShares Edge MSCI USA Quality Factor ETFETFNoYes100.860000
iShares MSCI Germany ETFiShares MSCI Germany ETFETFNoYes26.380000
iShares Core InternationaiShares Core International Aggregate Bond ETFETFNoYes55.890000
iShares Global HealthcareiShares Global Healthcare ETFETFNoYes68.960000
ETFMG Alternative HarvestETFMG Alternative Harvest ETFETFNoYes10.780000
Vanguard High Dividend YiVanguard High Dividend Yield Index Fund ETF SharesETFNoYes78.880000
iShares Core Moderate AlliShares Core Moderate Allocation ETFETFNoYes40.500000
iShares S&P GSCI CommoditiShares S&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed TrustETFNoYes10.550000
Vanguard Mid-Cap Growth IVanguard Mid-Cap Growth Index Fund ETF SharesETFNoYes181.480000
ProShares Short Russell20ProShares Short Russell2000ETFNoYes33.000000
iPath S&P 500 VIX ST FutuiPath S&P 500 VIX ST Futures ETNETFNoYes27.730000
iShares Core Dividend GroiShares Core Dividend Growth ETFETFNoYes38.760000
iShares Europe ETFiShares Europe ETFETFNoYes39.650000
Vanguard Dividend AppreciVanguard Dividend Appreciation Index Fund ETF SharesETFNoYes125.820000
Vanguard Small-Cap GrowthVanguard Small-Cap Growth Index Fund ETF SharesETFNoYes218.650000
SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETFSPDR S&P Homebuilders ETFETFNoYes52.630000
iShares Aaa - A Rated CoriShares Aaa - A Rated Corporate Bond ETFETFNoYes57.750000
iShares S&P 500 Value ETFiShares S&P 500 Value ETFETFNoYes109.930000
Vanguard Russell 3000 IndVanguard Russell 3000 Index Fund ETF SharesETFNoYes150.450000
Vanguard Global ex-U.S. RVanguard Global ex-U.S. Real Estate Index Fund ETF SharesETFNoYes46.580000
iShares Core U.S. AggregaiShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond ETFETFNoYes117.730000
Vanguard Mid-Cap Value InVanguard Mid-Cap Value Index Fund ETF SharesETFNoYes100.820000
iShares Core MSCI EAFE ETiShares Core MSCI EAFE ETFETFNoYes58.130000
iShares MSCI Japan ETFiShares MSCI Japan ETFETFNoYes58.140000
ProShares Short QQQProShares Short QQQETFNoYes16.820000
iShares Gold TrustiShares Gold TrustETFNoYes17.890000
iShares Global Tech ETFiShares Global Tech ETFETFNoYes252.600000
iShares Edge MSCI Min VoliShares Edge MSCI Min Vol USA ETFETFNoYes61.710000
iShares Core Total USD BoiShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETFETFNoYes54.210000