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  • R360 for 1 full year equivalent to just R30 / month

  • R600 for 2 full years equivalent to just R25 / month

If you pay R360 in mid Jun 2020, you will recieve an account until Jun 2021
If you pay R600 in mid Jun 2020, you will recieve an account until Jun 2022

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Banking Details

Account Name: How-to-trade
Account Number: 1935161979
Bank: Capitec
Branch Code: 470010
Beneficiary Reference: Email you use to log in

Current payments received status:

  • Pay R360 for a full year access (R30/month)
  • Pay R600 for 2 full years of access (R25/month)

Since August 2014

Total expenses to date: R40050

73.8% Covered R29550 received
26.2% Expenses R10500 uncovered expenses
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  • We tried to keep this service free and advert free for a long time, but it is time to face the reality of dollar-based costs adding up and people not appreciating the service we provide
  • We equip you with the tools needed to analyse trades and make calculated decisions with you trading and investing endeavours.
  • Our mission: To provide the tools that help you leverage the market, make better decisions with your money and save time
  • Wishing you all the best your calculated trades.
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