List of JSE Shares 2021-01-28

ShareNameLong NameSectorSuspended / CautionedActiveClosing Price
TRANSCAPTransaction Capital LtdSpeciality FinanceNoYes2387.000000
TRADEHTradehold LtdReal Estate Holdings & DevelopmentNoYes819.000000
Tractor Supply CompanyTractor Supply CompanyCommon StockNoYes149.440000
TPI Composites, IncTPI Composites, IncCommon StockNoYes60.780000
TPG Telecom LimitedTPG Telecom LimitedCommon StockNoYes7.430000
TOWERTower Property Fund LtdReal Estate ServicesNoYes251.000000
TONGAATTongaat Hulett LtdFood ProcessorsNoYes801.000000
TNG LimitedTNG LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.105000
Tivity Health, IncTivity Health, IncCommon StockNoYes22.890000
Titan Minerals LimitedTitan Minerals LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.115000
Tilray, IncTilray, IncCommon StockNoYes18.700000
TIGBRANDSTiger Brands LtdFood ProcessorsNoYes20234.000000
Tietto Minerals LimitedTietto Minerals LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.450000
Thor Industries, IncThor Industries, IncCommon StockNoYes121.550000
Thomson Resources LtdThomson Resources LtdCommon StockNoYes0.130000
Thirty-Day Fed Fund FuturThirty-Day Fed Fund FuturesCommoditiesNoYes99.912500
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Fisher Scientific IncCommon StockNoYes496.480000
The Williams Companies, IThe Williams Companies, IncCommon StockNoYes21.460000
The Walt Disney CompanyThe Walt Disney CompanyCommon StockNoYes171.880000
The Travelers Companies, The Travelers Companies, IncCommon StockNoYes140.000000
The Trade Desk, IncThe Trade Desk, IncCommon StockNoYes794.520000
The Toro CompanyThe Toro CompanyCommon StockNoYes95.960000
The Star Entertainment GrThe Star Entertainment Group LimitedCommon StockNoYes3.450000
SPARThe Spar Group LtdFood & Drug RetailersNoYes19636.000000
The Southern CompanyThe Southern CompanyCommon StockNoYes59.040000
the Rubicon Project, Incthe Rubicon Project, IncCommon StockNoYes35.000000
The Procter & Gamble CompThe Procter & Gamble CompanyCommon StockNoYes130.360000
The New York Times CompanThe New York Times CompanyCommon StockNoYes50.000000
The Kroger CoThe Kroger CoCommon StockNoYes35.380000
The Kraft Heinz CompanyThe Kraft Heinz CompanyCommon StockNoYes33.960000
The Home Depot, IncThe Home Depot, IncCommon StockNoYes278.050000
The Goldman Sachs Group, The Goldman Sachs Group, IncCommon StockNoYes275.020000
The GEO Group, IncThe GEO Group, IncCommon StockNoYes8.620000
TFGThe Foschini Group LtdRetailers - Soft GoodsNoYes10297.000000